An Open Letter to the Rolling Stones

Subject: An Open Letter to the Rolling Stones
From: Terence Hull
Date: 14 Nov 2012
Rolling Stones

Dear Boys,
I have been amused by the co-called “controversy” about the price of the tickets for your gigs at 02 Arena on 25 and 29 November. As someone who paid near £75 to see Rihanna and her dancers go through a lumpen over-choreographed listless set last year, after a 30 minute delay… I really can’t see any problem with your prices.
Apart from the costs of staging a show at the 02, let’s not forget why you are staging these gigs in London. It’s to celebrate 50 years of the world’s greatest rock n Roll band. 50 years, Rihanna! You are all pretty rich, I guess, and could probably have hung up your guitars, sticks and microphone many moons ago. But you have given an opportunity for your fans, and for the sons and daughters of those fans, to see rock and roll legends perform live. How could one complain about over-charging?
I know you will come on stage on time. You will be enthusiastic. You will play great songs really well. You will not have gratuitous RnB swearing like Rihanna “How the fuck are you London? I love your fucking town!” Pathetic. I live in a city, not a town. I want to see a real band. I want to see you men who are older than me and better than me (musically speaking) playing your balls off to a home crowd. It will be as great as Led Zep’s concert five years ago. It will be a piece of history. I think you could have charged a lot more and still sold the two gigs 10 times over.
So… Dear Rolling Stones, you have never gathered no moss. You are giants in the music industry, and I am very grateful that you have offered your home country the chance to see you, perhaps for the last time. Over a hundred quid to see the greatest rock and roll band ever? That’s value for money in my book. Thankyou!