An Open Letter to Robin Williams

Subject: An Open Letter to Robin Williams
From: Your fan, Amanda
Date: 26 Jan 2016

Dear Robin,

We never had the chance to meet nor do I suppose our paths would ever cross. However, you were part of my life through your art. You first entered my life in the late 80's when I would watch reruns of Mork and Mindy with my parents. Although, I was far too young to get all the jokes I was able to perfect my own "Na-Nu Na-Nu".

As the years went on I watched many of your films and was always captivated by your performance. The number one thing that always pulled me in was your infectious smile. How could anyone see you smile and not find themselves smiling back?

With the news of your death I guess there was significant pain and sorrow behind that wonderful smile. I am sorry that you were quietly suffering in this world and I am sorry that you felt the only relief was to end it all. You were loved by so many and it saddens me that you reached a place where you could no longer feel that love.

I hope you find the peace you were seeking. I pray that God wraps His strong arms around your family during this difficult time and gives them comfort as they mourn your loss. Even though you are gone your legacy will remain.

Your fan, Amanda