An Open Letter to Retailers Starting Christmas in September

Subject: An Open Letter to Retailers Starting Christmas in September
From: James Tulasso
Date: 22 Nov 2012
Santa Claus

Dear High Street Retailers,

“Christmas comes but once a year, bringing happiness and good cheer” the saying goes. Well that’s all Santa-Red and rosy, but when the Christmas period extends from September to 12th night on January 6th don’t you feel that that’s too much? The Summer has hardly finished, and the kids have just gone back to school, Halloween, Fireworks Day (November 5th) and Thanksgiving are many many days away, and yet… Christmas trees in store windows? Christmas lights in the streets? Christmas advertisements for food, drink and children’s toys already popping up on the television and on the internet. Come on guys, give it a rest- do you really want to peak too early?

I just can’t relate to Christmas in September or October. Can’t you hold your horses (or perhaps your reindeers) until after Halloween? Why do you do it? It’s not seasonal until late November. Do you need to get advance orders in during September and October to satisfy your shareholders? Do you think you may run out of stores of goods if you don’t start trying to entice people to buy before November/December?

Not only does it spoil the whole notion of Christmas by stretching it over a third of the year, it’s very hard to tell children who see adverts in September the answer to “When can I write my list to Father Christmas”. “Err… not for some time, darling, it’s not even the beginning of Autumn yet!”
I realise there’s a mentality about stealing a march on your competitors, but where’s it going to end? Bring forward Christmas preparations into mid-Summer?
I have a suggestion, dear High Street retailers. Break the mould, be different. Take a stand. Announce that in order to preserve and concentrate the fun and concept of Christmas, you won’t be putting up Christmas trees, unmissable Xmas offers, or yuletide decorations until mid November each year. You may be surprised at the support you get.
Have a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year!



Hahahhaaa, it’s quite funny and true. Although the author should still be happy; there were shacks on the beach in India where the shack owners were simply too lazy to take off their Christmas decorations, so you had a Christmas vibe on a Hindu beach through the whole year, beat that!