Open Letter To Psychiatric Liaison In A&E Departments. BPD/Borderline Personality Disorder.

Subject: Open Letter To Psychiatric Liaison In A&E Departments. BPD/Borderline Personality Disorder.
From: Anonymous.
Date: 27 Dec 2017

Dear reader.

I hope this letter reaches all who are in a place of emergency care for those suffering a mental health crisis

A Suicidal Patient does not ever go through the hassle of visiting A&E departments for the 'fun' of it. If someone has turned up at and waited four hours to see you, You can bet that they are deeply in crisis and need someone to truly listen to them and take what they say, seriously.

I have many friends who are sadly no longer here, all of whom visited their local A&E department to see Psychiatric Liaison, who dismissed their claims and hints, (or direct telling) that they were in danger or not feeling safe.

Please, even if you are seeing someone for the 8th time in a month. Never ever assume they are crying wolf. There is no room for suspicion. Take them seriously- even if they appear to be ''lying'' or ''exaggerating'' or using it figuratively.

Take them seriously give them your time, and do your best to keep them safe. Know that whilst some may be exaggerating, for every ten who you refer to crisis team you've potentially saved four lives at least

This applies to those who suffer with Borderline Personality Disorder. This category of unwell patients are very often dismissed right away in my experience. All of my friends who have now died, actually suffered with Borderline Personality Disorder.
The reason , In my opinion, for them no longer being here, was due to the stigma, even by hospital staff, that the person had 'little or no intent', were 'exaggerating' or 'crying out for help'.

The latter may have been the case but if it was for rapid intervention lives would be saved. Suicide is Never, ever, inevitable.

Give them time. Look them in the eye and really listen to them. See them as an individual with a family. This person is a mother/daughter/sister/grandmother/son/dad. This person is not 'faking it' this person is suffering and relying on you.

Please treat them kindly, They truly need it!


Bereaved by too many BPD losses.