Open Letter to the Police Officer who Shot and Killed Keith Vidal

Subject: Open Letter to the Police Officer who Shot and Killed Keith Vidal
From: Limeña
Date: 6 Feb 2014

Dear Detective Bryon Vassey,

You shattered our world the moment that you selfishly decided that your time was more precious than Keith’s life. An eighteen year old who suffered from a terrible illness but was not defined by it. A young man that on January 5, 2014 was in need of your help. You, who more than likely as a public servant took an oath to “Serve and Protect”. The question this day was, “Serve and Protect who”? Let me remind you...ALL members of the community are under your responsibility and not only your own egocentric self.

Your actions on that fretful day ended the life of a beloved son, brother, nephew, cousin and friend. Keith had dreams and aspirations. He wanted to be an accomplished musician one day; a famous drum player. Although he would have had to overcome a lot of adversities due to his illness, he was well on his way. Now, because of your actions, and your actions alone, he no longer has time here on earth to accomplish those things that were dear to his heart. You killed his dreams when you killed him.

The lives of many, including yours, were forever changed as a result of the decisions you made that dreadful day. You refused to help Keith and instead, decided to shoot and kill him. Now, he is gone forever. No time for he and his loved ones to build memories. No more time for dreams. No more time for kisses. No more time for hugs. No more time for Keith or the people he loved and those that loved him, because you did not take the time on that Sunday afternoon to better asses the situation or the time to notice the progress your fellow officers were making. You had ZERO situational awareness. You took no time to understand what Keith was going through. The time to get to know the loving, talented, musical inclined teenager that was in front of you. Only if you would have taken...A few more meager minutes of your de-escalate the situation.

You treated Keith with disdain. He was a human being that suffered from an illness that wreaked havoc on his mind. Like many people who suffer from schizophrenia, with time, the right treatment and the support from his family and friends, Keith would have been able to live a fulfilling life. Your reckless, self-center behavior destroyed a teenager’s life and devastated a family. Nothing justifies the way you acted on that day.

I sincerely hope you reflect on your actions of that day and come to the courageous truth that you made a horrible mistake in your actions that day. That you are no longer worthy to wear the badge of an officer of the law. A badge proudly worn by men and women who take the oath to truly “Serve and Protect”. Something you failed at miserably!

If you have any honor, if you have any integrity, if you have any courage, I expect that you will resign your position with dignity. Officers of the law are expected to hold themselves to a higher standard.