An open letter to PM of India

Subject: An open letter to PM of India
From: Common a common citizen
Date: 6 Apr 2020

Dear Sir,


It's a pleasure to know that you are trying your best to fight the current problematic situation in our country by uniting people from different parts of the country. Indeed, "We have Unity in Diversity" and we heartily welcome your ways to unite us always! All we common citizens of India want is a prosperous nation with a sense of belonging, jobs for youths, proper running business, education for all, no religious hatred, no rapes, etc, and all those basic facilities which we deserve as taxpayers! Mr, Prime Minister if you seek support from each and every citizen of the country regardless of region or religion then let me tell you, we are ready like never before! But then Mr, Prime Minister who will stop the monopoly of our country like, monopoly of media to broadcast false news and hide the truth, monopoly of a big businessman to hide tax and make us, common citizens poorer, monopoly of government officials to take bribe and give bribe for their benefits, monopoly of some politicians to give hate speech and bring religious riots, monopoly of man over the woman to suppress them on an empty street. If you will not stop it then who will Mr. Prime Minister? If u seek our support then we seek your execution on vital matters for mutual trust Mr, Prime Minister. As a common citizen of India are we not entitled to receive correct information of our present crisis in times like this where all media is busy raising finger against each other(act more like agents and goons rather than acting wiser) when your people are divided and fighting to the roots; where all-sufficient citizens are busy with thaali and Diya and "rest are suffering for food, to travel to their home town, to feed their family, with no money no food, and above all to survive! Who will take care of them Mr, Prime Minister if not you? Your common citizen is fighting for food, for water, for business, for jobs, fighting with a virus, and now fighting with each other! when different ministers from different parties are busy creating a difference for political gain. How do we even think of giving the pledge of support to you in this condition when you are so aloof of the condition of your fellow citizen?? Why are we being kept unaware of the worst-case scenario that is going on in our country and diverted to just " Unity through Diversity"? It makes no sense to me and my family's hungry stomach Mr, Prime Minister!

Hence, Mr. Prime Minister how can you even seek support and trust from your common citizen when you have left them wondering and wandering?? We as common citizens are ready to support you in every way but are you're ready to bring real change?? A change not on the surface but a change deep to the roots; starting from your common citizen! Mr, Prime Minister your speech, thali, Diya and so on will bring unity to us fellow CITIZEN; we are happy about it, It's motivating indeed! NO DOUBT! But unfortunately Mr. Prime Minister it will not bring us jobs, it will not create businesses, it will not reduce virus infection, will not put food on our table and it will certainly not boost our economy after the pandemic! It is more serious out here! Mr, Prime Minister I as a common citizen strongly believe you have the "POWER" to bring a real change beneficial to every common citizen of India not only limited to the BJP and its allies, to Ambani family, to Godrej family, to Hinduja family, to Khan's, to Kapoor, etc.
"According to the Hurun Research Institute, the top 10 richest families in India control more than half the country's businesses"
Mr, Prime Minister if you "VOW" to stand for your common people selflessly and without being the poppet of party fund donors and selfish businessman and foreign funds then we as common citizens of India pledge to support you with full trust and faith!!!!

Mr, Prime Minister now you kindly, decide "whether you wanna leave a legacy of remembrance or the legacy of hatred for yourself; as party and ministers will keep on changing but history is something we will all remember throughout generation!

Please pardon any grammatical error in this letter( It's directly from the heart of your common citizen).

Thank you,
Yours sincerely,