An Open Letter To The Person Who Broke My Heart

Subject: An Open Letter To The Person Who Broke My Heart
From: Me
Date: 7 Apr 2017

The day you first texted me, or hit me up; I thought it was weird. Little did I know we would be here. We started to talk almost everyday and it was good. No one ever gave me that kind of attention before; I felt needed, loved, and cared for. I knew a lot of my friends and family cared and loved me, obviously; but I never felt the kind of affection you gave me. It was new, it was scary, it was worth it, at the time. Something about you had me hooked. You were like a drug I was slowly getting addicted to. We talked every night. I would facetime you or you would facetime me, and we would talk endlessly or until one of us fell asleep. This kind of attention I had never felt before. It was good, at the moment. Little did I know, you showed that kind of attention to every body. You told me I was your best friend, your only concern, your top priority. And it made me feel happy and special. But one day, you seemed to have gotten tired me, or it seemed like that. Why did it seem like that? I cried maybe twice a week thinking I was annoying you and you made me wonder where I stood. I had never felt this type of emotion before either. I felt used, thrown away, discarded, not wanted.. It took me four days to get over you, but something inside me still wanted to be your number one concern. All of a sudden you started becoming friends with this one person, and you focused all your attention on them. It was okay at first because you seemed to treat this person just like everybody else, but after a few days, you treated this person so much better than I had ever seen you treat anyone else, including me. You never told people we were best friends or that I was your number one concern, you only said that in our texts, but you showed off this person and it hurt me, really bad.. I just hope one day I can get over you; I am, slowly, but not enough to the point where if I see you, I won’t bust out in tears. You will always have a special place in my heart but I can’t let you control me anymore. I am letting you go. Be free and do not worry about me, because I don’t think you ever did.


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