An open letter to the people of Ireland

Subject: An open letter to the people of Ireland
From: All who won't jump on the bandwagon
Date: 9 Mar 2017
Tuam home, RIP

Stop!! Just stop!!
The secrets, the lies, the cover-ups and worst of all the denial... The blame game and finger pointing and complete refusal to accept responsibility...
It's the Irish way. it's spanned back generations and though we have come this far, it would seem some things just won't change.
Amid the media circus regarding the Tuam mother and baby home, people are losing their minds. They are all seemingly shocked and dumbfounded and cannot believe what's happened... I CALL BULLSHIT! This story of the poor babies buried on the grounds came out years ago, only to be brushed off and forgotten. People are going mad at the disgrace that is the Catholic Church, blaming them for every problem the country ever had.
I ask you to stop and think about who is really to blame... and the answer is staring you in the face...

it's US! Us as a country, us as a nation, as parents, as friends, as family, as neighbours... We are all to blame as we all played a part in these hideous crimes.
The nation of turning a blind eye despite knowing things aren't right with the couple next door. Denial of the fact that the head of the household is a child molester because the truth escaping would shame the family. The lie, on the other hand, enabling it to continue with the fallout spanning generations. The whispering and secrets about everyone to everyone else but nothing spoken face up face, nothing questioned just gossiped about.

Imagine you are THAT girl. The one who was raped by her father and fell pregnant at age 16. The mother, in denial and to save reputation turns against daughter for being filthy shameless street walker. The father needs her gone so it would never be known she carries his own flesh and blood. Sure what would the neighbours think? We would be the talk of the town... She has to go, we don't want her here. The nuns took her in, put a roof over her head, fed her (more than her parents were willing to do). Then the baby is born but tragically doesn't survive. Genetic anomalies are common in incestuous babies unfortunately, and could in part explain the high mortality rate of these homes.

The nuns dispose of the remains in unmarked plot as family don't want anything to do with 'bastard child'. She eventually leaves the home and travels to England to start a new life as she is no longer welcome in her own community...

We have all heard the stories about these homes. We all knew this stuff went on, but chose to ignore it. Let's face it it's much easier that way...
But who is the real villain in this story?... I'm pretty sure it wasn't the church


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