Open Letter To myself 10 years from now

Subject: Open Letter To myself 10 years from now
From: Me From the Past
Date: 4 Jan 2016

Dear Me Right Now,

Hey, what’s up? Hello? Do you remember that song? God, its funny how everybody just started to discover it when you’re so sick of it already. How are you? I hope all is well with you, where are you working? Are you happy with where you are now? Do you love what you are doing? I hope you do because I have worked so hard for you to get there.

I hope you still remember me, I hope you kept some parts of me, I know you will because I know that you like looking back at the things that made you who you are today. Do you miss me? Do you miss this life? Do you still forgive easily? Are you still updated with the latest music? Are you still a Swifty? Do you still hate Katy Perry? Are you still a good cook? Do you still experiment in the kitchen and create new dishes? I hope you haven’t failed because so far I haven’t. Do you still create songs, poems and spoken word pieces? Do you still play the guitar? I hope you do because writing is your best defense mechanism. Do you still do create art or write at night because your brain is most active at that time? Do you still like writing things down instead of typing it on your computer? Do you still hate proofreading? Do you still fight for what you want but know how to compromise? Are you still opinionated? I hope you are because it’s better to hold your own.

Maybe you’re wondering why I’m asking you all of these but this is me reminding you of who you are 10 years before, reminding you of your twenty year old self that is full of dreams to reach, in school and near to graduating college. The you who is afraid of the future but still keeps her head high to face the unknown because she likes to discover new things. The you who is so unlucky when it comes to love because she intimidates guys and most of them can’t handle her ; the you who honestly has no idea how some people can bounce from one relationship to another in split of a second because for you it’s so hard to find someone you legitimately like. The girl who ever so stupidly got herself in trouble because of her curiosity, the girl who always gives her 150% because she likes winning but is able to accept failure because she knows that someone out there is better than her but as long as that person has not arose, makes sure that she is good at her craft, the girl who is caring and is so motherly, the girl who knows how to shift from playful to serious when the situation deems so, the girl who secretly likes riding the carousel with her sister because it brings back her childhood, the girl who questions herself because she thinks she’s not doing it right, the girl who is obsessed with staying slim because she doesn’t want to go back to being fat, the girl who loves chocolate and black, the girl who likes testing her limits.

I hope that you never forget to breathe when things get rough; I hope that you don’t make the same mistakes that I did today, go ahead and make new ones so you can learn. I hope that you still quickly pick yourself up when you fall, I hope that still know the difference between what can be salvaged to something so toxic.

Stay strong, please don’t let other people’s opinion get into your skin ever again, we both know what happened when I let that happen. Please never forget to smile and pray, enjoy the now and love the people around you. Travel because that’s what I’ve been planning for you, see the beauty of the world and please don’t forget to love yourself because right now, I love me and you and I’m proud to call you and me as myself; I hope you are proud to call I and me as myself as well.


Me From the Past