An open letter to my over-friendly boss,

Subject: An open letter to my over-friendly boss,
From: A concerned female employee
Date: 9 Feb 2015

An open letter to my over-friendly boss,

I like my job…I like to think I worked hard to get it and also hard to maintain my position. The last thing I expected when I was entering the corporate world was to deal with an “overly friendly” boss who seems to be unaware of the boundaries between an employer and their employees.

Of course I am familiar with how the likes of sexual harassment is portrayed in television and film but I always expected this to be somewhat exaggerated for entertainment. Little did I know that I would be experiencing it on a near daily basis.

Without wanting to brag I am a fairly pretty woman in her mid-20s, I take pride in my appearance (especially at work) and don’t mind being complimented on it…when the time is right. But I must say I was quite surprised when the occasional compliment from you turned into more noticeable and inappropriate interactions.

I know a boss is just another person in another role at the company but you have a responsibility and this doesn’t include saying things that can be classed as sexual harassment! Not to mention the unnecessary lingering “hand on the shoulder” moments and glances.

You are by no means bad looking and I’m sure plenty of the other girls at work would take you up on an invite to dinner, but it’s not for me. I have never believed in employees having relationships as it makes it hard to separate your work life from your social life. Though the one saving grace that you do have in this scenario is that at least you aren’t married!

The added issue for me is that people around the office know this now and it is not only a source of amusement for some but being labeled the bosses “favourite” often puts me in a difficult position and almost makes a mockery of any of the work I do. I have read up about other people who have been in a similar position and I fear that if I say something then you will chastise me for it and it will put my career on the line.

I no longer look forward to work social events and parties, fearing that a few drinks may build your courage to make more of a move on me. I just hope you know when you have over-stepped the line and will keep any amiable feelings in check rather than forcing me to make a complaint or worse.


A concerned female employee