An Open Letter To My Husband's Girlfriend

Subject: An Open Letter To My Husband's Girlfriend
From: Your Boyfriend's Wife
Date: 4 Jan 2017

Dear her,

I have spent the past 48 hours in complete and total devastation over what your affair with my husband did to me and my kids. I have tried so hard to pray for peace but you have robbed me of that luxury because at this point I'm even angry with God for allowing this to happen. I've gone over things I would say to you or what would happen should I ever see you in person. You very much deserve to be knocked into next week, but that's not the example I want to set for my children. I've beaten myself up and picked myself apart for the past two days trying like hell to determine what made you better than me. I've cried, lost sleep, been unable to eat, cried more, and now I'm just mad. I'm currently overwhelmed with hate. What has been done to my family has forever changed me. I will never be the same. I think that's mostly due to the hate, so I have had to choose whether I was going to be consumed by hate for the rest of my life or forgive you. I chose the latter. I cannot blame you for your involvement with my husband. He is amazing, funny, good looking, considerate, and a good guy (despite his indiscretions with you). I forgive you. I don't forgive you for your sake though, I forgive you for the sake of my family. I do not respect you though and that's something that will haunt you, not me. You will have to live with what you've done. You will face yourself daily, and one day possibly the Lord (I'm not certain you will go to Heaven at this point though because I believe when you send someone to hell, you go to hell). While it's not my job to judge you, I will. For the rest of my life. You came into my home. You robbed me of the security of my marriage. Although I've made the choice to forgive you, this will never be forgotten.

I've spent much time considering contacting your husband because quite honestly I don't believe for one second that he truly knows who you are or what you've done. I've chosen not to speak to him though (subject to change at any moment because I'm clueless as to where the roller coaster of emotions I'm on will put me next). My rationale behind not contacting him is simply, I'd be no better than you if I wrecked a home. I'm not doing that for you dear. Please realize that. I'm doing it simply because you are the mother of children. Children that are the same ages as mine are. I don't want a home wrecking example set for children that may have involvement in my children's lives one day. And also, I'm protecting your husband. You didn't think of anyone but yourself so I will make it my job to protect your family, since you didn't care to, from the plague you sent to my home. I would not want to inflict the pain I feel on anyone else, so I am sparing him.

My marriage will heal with time. He will still be my husband. He will always know you as the girl who was the worst mistake of his life. Congrats on that title among the others of course ;) I'm thankful that I will never set out to obtain that title. Unfortunately for you, I could give a shit about your reputation or your feelings. You caused the most severe pain I have ever felt along with the most embarrassment of my life. So excuse me when I tell you that you are officially nothing more than a home wrecking whore. I hope that when you see yourself in the mirror you see nothing more than that. Myself, I can't look in the mirror anymore. I can't make eye contact in stores. I can't even walk through somewhere without staring at the floor hoping no one ever saw y’all together.

I am extremely sickened by the fact that I did nothing to deserve this, yet I'm the one suffering. Why in the fuck do y’all get off so easily?! It makes no sense to me. My only comfort is found in knowing that karma does exist and it will most definitely find its way around to you. Again, I will not talk directly to your husband. However, we do have the luxury of living in a small town and you know how fast news gets around. While I'm ashamed of what you've done to me, I have no reservations about letting those who care about me know who and what you are.

Too many people no longer see the sanctity of a marriage. It's so very sad. I feel sorry for desperate women who can't make their own husband's happy so they attempt to make someone else's. It's disgusting. The bible refers to women like you as jezzebels. I feel that's an understatement. I can only hope you teach your children better.

Please do not ever make the mistake of entering my life again. I will not be as merciful the next time. I promise to you that I will buy a billboard with your face and the titles you now carry and put it dead center of this town.

Our children are the same age. Might I suggest relocating? I will harbor my feelings towards you for eternity. I've forgiven but I will not forget. You will see me at graduation, school events, etc. I'm already watching for you everywhere that I go. I'd love nothing more than tell you what you've done face to face. I will always watch for you. You destroyed my dignity so causing a scene will mean nothing to me at this point.

I hope that the lesson you take from this is simply "God will never send you another woman's husband". And that you will never destroy another family or enter another woman's home. Thank God I did not come home early to find you in my house. Things would have gone much differently.

And once more. Do not ever attempt to make contact with him again or I will destroy your home the way you've done mine. I hope I've made myself clear.

I'll say a prayer for you. My prayer is that you will be honest with your husband about how you destroyed my family before small town gossip does it for you.


Your boyfriend's wife