An Open Letter for my Husband-To-Be No More

Subject: An Open Letter for my Husband-To-Be No More
Date: 7 Jul 2023

First, I wanna thank you for waiting for me to come back here in PH. Thank you for taking a risk with me. Thank you for not giving up on love. I know how hard it is for you to trust and love again, but you did - with me. Thank you.

I wanna thank you for supporting me in whatever decisions I make in life. Thank you for always believing in my judgments.

Aside from thanking you, I also wanted to apologize for all my short comings. I’m sorry if I wasn’t your ideal woman. I’m sorry for not being the best girlfriend you could have. But I wanted you to know how much I value you, appreciate you and loved you.

I loved you for always trying to make me feel ok, when everything around me is grey and cloudy. I loved you even if you always choose to play Dota rather than talking to me. I still loved you whenever you think playing the guitar will make you feel better than sharing your problems with me. I loved you during the times that you make me feel worthless as a girlfriend for not trusting me that I can be your good confidant. I loved you even if you never told me that I am beautiful. You never appreciate me, no matter how hard I try to fix myself and look good in your eyes. I loved you even when I know how proud you are of your ex that taking stolen videos and pictures of her is just a normal thing for you - you never did that to me. I loved you when there were lots of pictures of random things in your phone’s gallery than my/our photo. I loved you even when you got caught up in traffic and stuck in long queue in bus stations is like my fault. I loved you everytime you make me feel that having a bad day is completely because of me. I loved you and I dont deserve that!

I stayed for years, though, many times you made me feel that I am not enough to be proud of. Not enough to be taken pictures/videos of. I stayed because I just get used to of something unfamiliar to me. I stayed because I was hoping things would be different.

But the truth is, things will never change. It pains me to say this, but, truth be told, I will never be enough for you. I am not the woman that you are proud of showing the world. I am never the woman you imagined your life with.

Because the love you had with your ex is not even close to the love you are giving me. How you treated her is what you should be giving me. But you cannot. You never did!

PS. Next time you get into a relationship, treat the woman fairly. Fair enough that she will never have room in herself to compare the love you have for her and the love you had with your past. NEVER DO THAT! THAT’S PAINFUL.

PSS. To all the men out there, just a simple reminder. Never EVER let your woman feel unwanted, unappreciated and unloved. Material things are the least that we want in a relationship. Your words, your actions and affection are better than whatever shinny stuffs there is. ALWAYS, appreciate and say how beautiful your woman is. It will make her day a lot better. Never let another man do what you should be doing. You don’t know how many men are waiting for you to part ways so they can have a chance on her.