Open letter for My Heart EBP

Subject: Open letter for My Heart EBP
From: Your Sweet ETC
Date: 23 Nov 2022

My Heart,

I love your perfection and flaws. I love every inch and bit of you. In fact, since the beginning of our relationship, I knew early on that you are the man I want to be with for the rest of my life. As time passes by, my love for you has been growing deeper. And whatever it takes, in sickness and in health, in richer or poorer, in happiness and sadness, with established career or just floating, with or without approval of our relatives, until we get older, until we're laid on our death bed, I will stick with you. I will always be patient, understanding, supportive, loving, caring, and sweet to you and your love ones.

Despite the challenges we encountered, our years together were definitely the best for me. I felt like my life with you was perfect and I wouldn't trade it for anything. You lit something inside me that turned me to a very inspired and disciplined woman. Maybe you failed to notice but I've become economical. I started investing not for my family but for our family. I am willing to sacrifice so much for you. I've been doing everything for us. This is just me being responsible and contributing to the realization of our plans. We've always been sweet and making love for each other in every form, in words and in action.

I thought our relationship is going well and strong enough from all adversities, but you suddenly gave up on us and left us and shut us down from your life. The heartbreak you caused us is nearly killing me. I have been reading our sweet text conversations over and over. I have been viewing our pictures again and again. I have been waiting for your message everyday and whenever I am alone in our house, I can't help but look outside whenever someone motorcycle stops our gate, imagining you come in. I still can't stop crying. I blame and pity myself. Most of the time, I just lay, awake, crying, thinking, questioning, my head spinning, my heart palpitating. At times in my sister's clinic when we take our lunch I almost don't want to eat coz my body resist. I pretend to be fine to everybody. I post on Facebook and pretend that we're okay and I'm okay and doing great. But the reality is, I am broken. I am lost. Convincing you to come back to me, promising you better and happier relationship, and texting you everyday made me look like crazy. I've never been like this before. I lost my self worth, pride, and confidence. I lost my one true love, the greatest love of my life. My heart was shattered into pieces, nothing's left of me. You are the one I need, maybe a sorry and an explanation from you will ease the pain. Unfortunately, you chose to continue to break my heart and lack even a little care and love for me.

Now that I am ruined, and there's no you to mend me, I am now giving up our relationship. I will try my very best to stop texting you. Sorry for disturbing you almost everyday with my breakdowns and for flooding you with questions because I am really bothered and clueless, or more of in denial of our situation. I am now lifting everything to God and hoping that He'll help me learn to repair myself. I deserve happiness and peace of mind and I'm going to find it on myself, without you, not from you. For whatever real reason you have for leaving us, for giving up, for being with another woman maybe, and avoiding me, I am whole-heartedly forgiving you. I hope that your decision made you a happier man and a better one. If you decide to come back to me, you are welcome, for the children and of course because that's how much I love you. I love you faithfully, unconditionally, and for eternity.

Always loving you,
Your Sweet