An Open Letter to My Forever-ever

Subject: An Open Letter to My Forever-ever
From: ~Me
Date: 1 Sep 2017

There once a time where we would spend all afternoon laying in bed together talking about everything; ranging from our problems to the things we dreamed of doing with our lives. You always had a way of making me laugh to the point I was in tears; everyday I fell more in love with you. You were my everything and I couldn't imagine spending a day without you. We were eachother's support systems until that day he came along. You met him through one of your co-workers; I was happy for you I wanted you to have friends, and a life outside of me. But then you started to change.. you started to drink and keep secrets from me. I confronted you about it and you assured me everything was okay, and convinced me I was over reacting. I convinced myself that I was in the wrong, and that you wouldn't lie to me. Until, he came over to my house one day and told me everything; you had been cheating on me.
My heart broke and just like that our relationship was over. Two years down the drain in the split of a second and here I am six months later I can't let you go. I can't stand you for hurting me like this, but I can't seem to stop thinking about you. It destroys me to know I gave you my all and that still wasn't enough. Now it's like I'm nothing to you it's as if you never knew me. I think i could fall off the face of the planet and you wouldn't even care, but my heart aches for you. I would give anything to talk to you but I know that's not an option. So i suppose i'll carry out the rest of my days trying to pick up the pieces of what remains of my heart. I just want you to know I want you to be happy even if it is with someone else. I will love you for forever-ever, beautiful.