Open letter to my ex's.

Subject: Open letter to my ex's.
From: Black Creek
Date: 13 Mar 2017

Ex:1 We were in six grade when we dated. We do not talk anymore.
Ex: 2 Your my boyfriend now. I hate myself for it... You only want my happiness but I don't love you.
Ex: 3 Our relationship was a joke. Nothing good came out of it and nothing bad did either.
Ex:4 You hurt me.... Bad. Your the reason my family moved away from town. Your the reason I wanted to give up.
Ex: 5 I will always hold a place for you in my heart. I carried our daughter for nine months and she's the best thing in my life. I don't think I could forgive you for what you said to me and about me. I dont know if you were lying then.... Or now. I miss you. My current boyfriend wants to fill your spot as a boyfriend and father. I will not let him and I hate him for it. Your young so you don't understand. I will always have faith in you even though everything is telling me not too. I never meant to hurt you or tear you down. I want our family back. There is no way to describe how much I hate you and care for you. I'm sorry I did this.
To everyone: I know you all have heard things about me. Some true and some not so true. Just know that I'm getting there. Its going to take me a long time to be happy but I will get there. I work hard to do what's best for my family. I hope you all understand.


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