A Open Letter to my Ex Boyfriend and Ex Bestfriend

Subject: A Open Letter to my Ex Boyfriend and Ex Bestfriend
Date: 1 Jan 2016

Dear liar and cheater words can not express the emotional crap you too put me through.
I may have only spent 8 months with you but you stole my heart, Sometimes i think i should of just broke up with you when i found out you cheated on me around are 6 months, you would be gone all week for work and than come home to me on the weekends, i should of known something was up when you came home with Hickies on your neck you claimed to be "Pinch Marks", but i forgave you for all of that even if back then you weren't telling me the truth about what all happened with that girl, later to find out you had sex with her multiple times and than would come home to me and lay in my bed.
Anyway i forgive you for that, but than you did something that im not sure i will ever be able to forgive. A day after our 8 months we decided to go on a break for 1 month to just figure things out my thinking during this time was you just needed space, time to "Think". Well of course during our break we couldn't stay away from each other we tried the whole friends with benefits thing.
See i think that was my second mistake, during this time while you were bedding me you were growing closer to my best friend, Finally we agreed friends with benefits wouldn't work, 3 weeks later i found out I was Pregnant than a Week after that you broke up with me For REAL this time. I lost the love of my life and was pregnant with your child. I didn't tell you i didn't tell anyone... during this time you treated me like i was nothing to you anymore no Texts no calls when i would pass buy you wouldn't even look at me, so how could i tell you? I carried that baby for 4 weeks, than right as i was about to let my secret out, everything changed my life seemed to fall to pieces, and i lost the baby, Iv never been pregnant before so iv never miscarried before, 2 weeks later i decided to tell you meanwhile we've grown sort of closer back to talking and being civil, But meanwhile this whole time you were getting closer and closer to my best friend We all had some suspicions when the both of you would post back and forth on social media to each other or about each other, people would see you guys hanging out more often.
Than when i slept over her house she would keep getting texts from you, she would also always bring you up in some kind of conversation. So when i told you about what happened to the baby i wanted to know something, everyone was curious including me on who your new "Bitch" was especially when you would come into School with animal marks on your neck only 3 days after we officially broke up. And when I asked you that Question i wasn't ready for the answer you were about to give me, " Its your best friend", my heart dropped my stomach turned and i hung up the phone. This whole time while i was going through so much you were fucking around with the second closest person to me. You caused me so much pain i cant be leave out of everyone why HER., And as for you my so called best friend this whole time while i would cry myself to sleep every night call you on the phone about HIM, you were having sex and was with him this whole time. When i would ask you questions about who this new girl was and you would say you didn't know and you wanted to find out to, you LIED, it was YOU. Not only did you guys mess with me but My "Best friend" you had a boyfriend and was living with him! You lied and deceived not only me but Him to.Yes i did tell him when i found out you Both were together because i wanted the lies and pain to end. The both of you ruined me, but out of all of this i want to thank you, Thank you for showing me who i don't want in my life. Thank you for showing me through this entire process who my true friends are. Thank you for pushing me i didn't think i had this much strength in me to get past this. The both of you truly tested my strength and my weaknesses. Thank you for giving me a chance of motherhood even though it got taken away from me. Thank you for changing my life. You guys made me realize that i dont want to be in the path you both are going down. I want to be better for myself. Thank you for being their for important parts of my life and for showing me love and compassion. Thank you for being apart of my life a time i will never forget and will take lessons from. Thank you, Liar and Cheater i hope you too are happy together you guys deserve each other hopefully you guys will find the strength not to cheat on each other. They don't even put this stuff in love movies because thats how messed up this all is.