An Open Letter To My Ex-Bestfriend.

Subject: An Open Letter To My Ex-Bestfriend.
From: -M
Date: 19 Feb 2016

We were best friends for twelve years.
Ever since you moved next door, we were hip to hip.
I truly new what it was like to have someone I could tell anything and everything to.You showed me on how it felt to trust someone, wholeheartedly.
Our friendship was the tightest it ever was 8th grade through about 2 months after freshman year.
We went through so much together.
The first day of highschool, we were in it together. Our first REAL boyfriends. Our first real heartaches. And you can't forget that freshman year drama. That was rough. But your were by my side through it all, you best believe if someone was messing with you, they were messing with me too and vise versa. We had so many stupid fights, but we could never stay mad.. We connected with each other on to many levels to stay mad at eachother. We planned on traveling together, living together after highschool, we were even going to plan our pregnancy together so our babies could grow up the same age and be best friends
(extreme, I know)
We always somehow knew what the other was thinking or was about to say.
You are the only person I could ever be that close to.
I always knew you were a bit more wild than I was. Maybe that's why we had so much fun together. You took me out of my comfort zone. Taught me that it was okay to be alone. But, I always had you, so I didn't know what it was actually like to be alone.

Sophomore year: Now, I am alone.
And you have a new bestfriend.

I understand why we stopped being friends. Mainly because I was trying to do what was right, and protect you. Like a best friend does. But now you hate me.

I've never felt this type of pain before. No one understood me like you did. You knew how i was. How i viewed life. What kind of problems i dealt with the most. And you knew exactly how to make me feel better. Now I have no one I can relate to.
Now I keep all my problems to my self.
There are so many things I wish I could tell you about what I'm dealing with. But I can't.
You were my best friend. No one could ever possibly amount to the impact you had on my life. Its hard to pass you in the hallway, glance at one another and keep walking.
12 years of memories.. And we walk past each other like were strangers.

I want to thank you,
Thank you for giving me the knowledge of what a true, best friend is.
Maybe someday we can sit down somewhere, reminisce about what all we used to do, how much fun we had and how it was "us" against the world. Possibly talk about everything we want to tell eachother now but cant.. Or even just what we are doing with our life then.

Until that moment, I hope you can tell your new best friend everything you used to be able to tell me. I hope she listens to all your theories and thoughts. I hope you suceed, and you get to experience the best of what life has to offer. I know you can do it.

Your Ex-Best Friend.