An Open Letter To My Best Friend Who Slept With My Boyfriend

Subject: An Open Letter To My Best Friend Who Slept With My Boyfriend
From: The person who did a lot for you
Date: 11 May 2016
You were my best friend, I was always there for you. I knew a lot about you and never told a soul. I confided in you when I had relationship issues. Did you ever even care? You knew all about my verbally abusive relationship, you knew where I stood with my feelings. You were the only one I could talk to. You hurt me beyond words! Two years later, here we are, here you are telling me what happened more than once. It cuts deep, you watched me cry, you watched my life spiral away holding the secret that you to, actually slept with my boyfriend. You hung out with me often after the fact as if nothing was wrong. You said that you felt below me, you know what? You are below me. Friends have friends backs and you don't deserve a friend like me. I am better off without you, and your evil lies. I hope in life you think of me, of our friendship and I hope that your heart drops from all of the memories we spent together, and for all of the things even my mother did for you. I may have handled this well in your opinion, but honestly, it tore me up inside. From this day forward, you are nothing to me but a memory.

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