An open letter to the man who is incapable of loving himself or anyone else

Subject: An open letter to the man who is incapable of loving himself or anyone else
From: CL
Date: 20 Feb 2016

This is my final communication ever. I was severely enraged during my last text messages to you, I will not act on showing your mother or anyone else the true you. I’m better than the anger and pain you cause. I do not apologize though, the same as you and if I decide to in the next month I won’t be contacting you or sending a text message. Seems fair for a month to go by and then send an apology, call in between work calls to confess you've been cheating and intimate with another woman, continue to lie or all of the other cruel actions you've chosen. See what was funny was I no longer cared, I was over your relationship with her; until last night when you started sending your sweet I was thinking of you, shopping for you, dressing you texts. That's when I connected it, sure enough your new interest would post something implying me or you. I wasn't even hurt; it was expected.

You called tonight intoxicated, slurring your words, on your muscle and being purposely cruel yet again, because how dear I call you, demanding respect from you. . You have no remorse in your soul. I know you feel you are such a victim because I have said cruel things to you, trust me my words are not at all in comparison to your actions in the last few months, (not even diving into almost a decade of your actions with other women). You truly lack any character I would look for in a partner.
That's what you would expect from a narcissist trying to rope you back in, yet deep inside feeling insecure fearing rejection feelings, so they lash out. I'm certain you have learned how to manipulate her, it is apparent with her messages to me and posts and then removing the posts you say to remove. I think it’s great and I am happy you have a new victim, I am released from my anguish and torment of being in a relationship or allowing you back in. After all, how many lies have you told to me, how many other side relationships, how much deception went on, think back on all the broken promises and lies about our relationship. Think of all those intimate moments you spent looking into my eyes and deceiving me. Of course this is honorable, tactful, respectful, having a solid moral compass…right? Well you sir have to live with that, not me. Yet, I pray it eats at your soul, keeps you up at night, and torments you. It already has the physical effects on you.

You can hide behind that confident façade to all that you come in contact, but only few know the real you, the deep you. Not even your family really knows you, majority of your relationships are superficial and work related. You hide all of your deep imperfections for the women you love. As you read this you trying to tell yourself how I am mean and none of this is true... but really am I wrong? You've said it yourself several times, I know you better than anyone, and now I really do. I somewhere in my heart knew the horror you were capable of, I guess I never imagined the end, I held on to hope you could change. My love could somehow fix the deeply broken you, but now I see clearly how broken and empty inside you are.

I will tell you that you are a master manipulator, over the years you have played on my every weakness and insecurity exploiting it for your own needs and desires. I don't believe this email will change you in any way, I do not believe you are capable, and neither do you deep down. You pacify your actions to yourself, but I know late in the silence of the night if you have a soul you shutter at your actions and behavior. I will never feel that you are capable of love or any human emotion regarding woman. I will not look back and ever allow myself to dwell or think of you for a moment. You have nothing left in my heart, as much as I wanted my idea of us and the façade you were; I loved the thought of you, I never loved the real you. I hope this is exactly how you planned our relationship and final communication to be.

I am blessed that God showed me and divided you from my life, I know I am meant for so much more. I am running towards my new destiny. I am taking nothing of you in my future.