An open letter to Justin Bieber,

Subject: An open letter to Justin Bieber,
From: Serious Sam
Date: 29 Apr 2013

I understand from the media coverage of late that you aren’t having the easiest of European tours. With the latest story detailing how the Stockholm police or should I say drug squad searched your tour bus under suspicion of there being ‘illegal substances’ on board.

While the chances of finding drugs on any tour bus are likely to be high, this run in with the police is only the latest in an ever-growing list of problems that you’ve run into. For whatever reason you were 2 hours late to a UK concert, to the scorn of many a British parent, then there was the altercation with a paparazzi outside your hotel, not to mention leaving your ‘pet’ monkey with German officials after not having the correct paperwork to let it travel.

All these little incidences go to show that you don’t have any consideration for your actions or for other people. The comments you left in the guestbook at the Anne Frank museum proved that. Writing that you hoped Anne Frank, who died in a Nazi concentration camp, “would have been a Belieber” isn’t exactly the most thoughtful thing to write.

I wonder what you thought of all the negative responses you got for this, with all reasonable people that aren’t ‘Beliebers’ labeling you as insensitive. But I guess that’s something you don’t concern yourself with and let your PR team sort out.

This letter isn’t intended to be too critical of you, you’ve become incredibly successful at a very early age and you’re a role model for so many young people, so why not set a good example? Of course everyone makes mistakes, especially at your age. Maybe you should hire someone who thinks twice before you do some of these things, and then you wouldn’t feel like the media are on your back.

I hope you’re learning something from these events, whether it’s to be more punctual at concerts that people have paid an arm and leg for or even to be humble enough to apologise on occasion.

With your European tour still in progress, I have a feeling that this might not be the last we hear of your exploits. But hey, I always welcome surprises.