Open letter to the humans with humanity

Subject: Open letter to the humans with humanity
From: Disha
Date: 16 Apr 2017

Open letter to humans with humanity!
This is to all my friends, all the people in the world I know and those I don't, this is to each and every single human being for the sake of humanity!
Let me start point blank clear that I am asking for any sympathy whatsoever or need you to pity me on whatever I say. Rather, kindly understand and have patience to read the letter and later think on it!
Yes I am an autoimmune patient suffering constantly 24*7 autoimmune disorders which a fatal and life threatening.
Yes it is a fact that no one can help me with fighting through the battle against fate. You might not be able to as a friend do anything more than just sit by my side and listen to whatever I want to say, just be there until I need, when I don't have the strength to do it anymore myself without emotional support.
Yes I do have emotions and yes I do feel bad whenever some by treat me like a tennis ball whom no one wants on their​ side of the court and passed from one side of the court to another and it hurts. That makes me feel unwanted feels like I am rejected like it is a burden it is a task for you to do a bit of listening for my venting out the grief and the sufferings that I am going through which is beyond explanation.

No word, no adjective is enough to express the amount of pain that I have to go through, mentally, emotionally, or physically or everything together but yes I do go through it and yes that is the reason I talked about it almost everyday almost in every conversation because that is what even you would do if you are suffering instead of me.
Let Me explain Think for example of a day you have headache and then think of all the conversation you had that day either they would be irritating ones, or you would have fought with someone for no real reason, or you'd have just discussed that you have bad headache and you are not able to get through it. Until the headache goes away it would be there in your discussion, it would be there in your subconscious mind, it will be there in your thoughts and it's completely normal!
If you need me, I will listen to you, yes I will because I know what pain is, how much it helps when somebody just agrees to hear you out when you just want to vent out how miserable you are feeling and nothing else no money can buy that relief, no servent can do it but a friend, no Counselor or doctor can come to your assistance but a friend.
Sometimes, you just need a friend to stand by you in the worst, in the thick and thin of your life and all your woes and happiness.
It may be just 10 minutes of your 24 hours which might not even affect you but it means a lot to somebody who is suffering.
I'm not asking for so anything else but just your presence as a friend and this is to all the people in the world who belong under the #friendship .
Yes I do have pain and yes I do talk about the pain that I deal with, not because I want your sympathy because sometimes just sharing is venting out my thoughts which helps me somewhere fight the battle better hadder and a bit longer!
In this world full of human being, all I'm asking you is to show some humanity to each and every individual who is suffering from something be it physical, mental, or emotional distress because at the end of the day we all have our own issues and we all are suffering at various levels. We all need the other person to vent out our feeling and to express emotions after all we are humans not robots.
All I ask today is for you to show some empathy and some compassion for every other human being that comes across in your path of life!
Remember, the heart filled with gratitude brings along miracles, let the world be a place where miracles happen often, everyone gets​ to witness at least one miracle in their lifetime.
Make one person smile everyday selflessly and see the amount of happiness and contentment did you get at the end of the day for all those normal people, please respect the abilities that god has bestowed upon you be the smallest of the ability that you suppose it is of Talking, listening, speaking, earring, walking, doing your own things by yourself, having your hands function well, having your legs function well, having all your organs function well because there are many were not blessed with the same amount of functional organs as you are, respect your blessing as well please respect those who are specially abled!
While sympathy, sarcasm, pitting, arrogance can kill the moral of any human!

Humanity, empathy, compassion, love and care can create miracles at the same time...
Choose your preferred option!