An Open Letter To The Guy Who Broke My Heart

Subject: An Open Letter To The Guy Who Broke My Heart
Date: 30 Mar 2016

Dear -Insert Name-,
When I first met you, I would've never thought you would've had such a big influence on my life. You made me so happy for so long- many moments that I'll never forget. I remember reading a blog someone posted, about how their biggest fear was someone falling out of love with them, for simply the same reasons they fell in love with them. When I first read that I was shaken. I didn't realize at the time I read the blog, the reason it shook me so much is because that was exactly what was happening between us: those silly habits of mine that you fell in love with were now things that made you cringe. We began to have many differences and even more disagreements about those differences.

I can't put all the blame on you for the failure of our relationship; because I know that I showed a lot of ignorance and there was many days I didn't treat you fairly. We both overreacted many, many times, and didn't know how to talk out our problems. I think that's what ultimately led to the downfall of our relationship. Both of us were too young to know exactly how to handle our relationship problems.

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I remember from the moment I met you, I just had this strong feeling that you were the one for me. I had never met someone that I just "clicked" so well with. We had so much in common and I knew I could talk to you about anything without feeling uncomfortable. There wasn't a single uncomfortable moment with you and that's what I loved the most. We could be sitting in complete silence and I would be completely content with everything.

I'll continue by saying this isn't just a letter to talk about all the times we had and the mistakes made, but I have things I would like to thank you for:
Thank you for allowing me to experience not only my first love, but also my first heartbreak. I've never thought anything in life would hurt this bad.
Thank you for giving me a second family, and a surrogate little sister who I love dearly.
Thank you for bringing me closer to The Lord. I never thought I had a purpose, but as you know my favorite verse Romans 8:18 states that our present sufferings are not worthy to be comparable to the glory that'll be revealed in us. That verse has helped me through the many hard times I've gone through without you.
Lastly, thank you for not caving in and coming back to me one last time. It's been months and over that time I've come to realize that we weren't right for each other.
I know the perfect person for me is out there, and thank you for letting me have the time to realize that it's not you. It never was you.
The Girl Who's Heart You Broke