An Open Letter To The Girl Who Tried To Destroy Me

Subject: An Open Letter To The Girl Who Tried To Destroy Me
Date: 11 Mar 2016

First of all, thank you. Thank you for attempting to ruin my life so desperately the way you always did. Thank you for intentionally, falsely accusing me of horrid things that you cooked up in your own twisted mind, and then taking the time to pathetically try to convince everyone that they were true. Thank you for the hateful words and insults that derived solely from your own bitterness, jealousy, self loathing, and insecure/anti-social personality. But most of all, thank you for helping me realize that you're the one who needs help, not me. No matter how hard you tried to make it seem that way. What is so shocking about all of this is the fact that you have never even met me. You don't know me, but I know you. I didn't have to meet someone like you to find out exactly what kind of unstable person you are. You have shown me (and my family/friends) that you are crazy - no, psychotic. To say the least. And I only pray that you may seek medical attention sooner than later in the hopes of not being able to emotionally wreck another human being the way you tried to do to me. It's embarrassing to even think that I let someone bother me so much. It's shameful that I let you hurt me the way I did. By letting you hurt me, I let you win. Or so, I used to think. I promised myself and others that I would never let you see me suffering. I would never let you feel the satisfaction, that you so intensley craved, of bringing me down to a place as low as you. You hated me for reasons that I could not control. I loved him too, you know. And I know you think that he was only with me in an attempt to get back together with you. But not everyone is like you. Not everyone plots fake relationships to make others jealous. Didn't you ever think that maybe he was trying to escape from you? Or that our unplanned love for each other has and had nothing to do with you in the first place? Despite all of this, because of you, I, now, can say that the boy who I used to love so unbelievably much and you, deserve each other. I'm still not sure who hurt me worse, you or him. You are a bully. And he is no better. The things that you did to me will constantly remind me that I am nothing like you. I am my Father's daughter. And He would never want me to participate in your mean, little games but to forgive you instead, and walk away. And that is just what I did. For six months, you indirectly bullied me online, stupidly thinking that I wouldn't know or wouldn't do anything about it, if I did know. And for a while, I didn't. Because I felt sorry for you. I could tell from the insulting and nasty tweets about me how unhappy you were as a person and that you needed help with that. I knew that I was better than someone who only felt better about themselves while bringing others down. So I ignored you. I told a few of my closest members of my family and friends about you, and the things you were saying about me on the Internet for the world to see. And they all told me the same thing - "don't let this girl bother you. Don't let her make you as miserable as she is." And at first, that was enough. But you wouldn't stop. You kept up with your nearly constant inappropriate tweeting and subtweeting. You started posting things on Instagram that referred to me, hoping that I would see it and feel worse than you. You texted my boyfriend - in an attempt to pin point and bash me to him. You sent him naked pictures of yourself and inappropriate snapchats that you probably thought he would never show or tell me about. Trust me, I have seen every (little) thing you dont have to offer. And I know I beat you at that, too. But the thing is, is that despite how upset and angry and disgusted I was by you for trying to seduce my boyfriend, more than anything - we both felt sorry for you. It's so sad and even more uncomfortable when a girl will willingly shame and embarrass herself in a desperate plea to 'steal' another girl's boyfriend. I know you thought that you were making yourself look better, but you werent. You made it easy for me to sway him back into my direction when you did the inappropriate things that you did. All I said to him was this: "be careful. If a girl will sneak around with you, she will sneak around on you." And then once you did take him from me, you broke his heart like I always knew that you would. I tried to warn him but he didn't listen. So you forced him to find out for himself. And for that, I also thank you. Because of you, he confided in me for love and support like never befor. For someone who wouldn't lie to him about her feelings only to hurt another girl like you did to him and me. Because of you - ripping him away from me just to throw him away again, we became closer than ever before. He trusted me more than he has ever trusted another. And we grew to love each other so much more deeply and truly than either of us ever expected. Obviously, soon after that, you continued your harsh blows and slander on social media towards me. You went so far as bullying me and then playing the victim in an attempt to get me into serious trouble. Trouble that I absolutely did not deserve and wanted no part of. Ever. Your mother even showed where you learned your wicked ways when she tried to bully and scare me while I was trying to support my best friend in reaching the next chapter of her life. Needless to say, you both should probably be professionally evaluated. A mother and her daughter bullying a 17 year old girl for three years straight because I loved a boy that you have an unhealthy obsession with is not only wrong but sickning, in the least dramatic sense. But now, I can look back and not shake in horror. Because it is an indescribable feeling to know that you and your family can't hurt me anymore. You may have the boy, but that's all you will ever really have. That and a big head. While I have a lesson learned, a kind heart, and most of all, my happiness.

The girl you can't destroy