An Open Letter to the girl who lost her daddy

Subject: An Open Letter to the girl who lost her daddy
Date: 4 Jan 2016

Dear honey,
One thing I can tell you, you're so amazingly strong! It is so hard, a piece of your life has been stripped and taken from you. Keep your head up, princess.
Once upon a time daddy was our best friend, matter of fact we were so much alike that we butted heads quite often. That's okay because you wouldn't trade him for the world. But one day, boom. He's taken from you. Forever. You wonder why God took him so soon, you're guilty that he's gone. What about prom, graduation, and your wedding? Where is he at when you're scoring big time at your basketball game? You can't physically see him, but I promise you that he is cheering you on and he is overjoyed with the beautiful young lady that you have became.
It is tough, and it sure as hell doesn't get any easier. You just have to remember that you are your daddy's girl and you gotta show him that.
Ya know, holidays are hard. You remember what they loved to eat most and how he loved to see other people so happy. Like you, he loves to see you shine that big and beautiful smile of yours. But now that he's gone, what do you do? Life feels so awkward already, why holidays? They're so much worse. I mean yeah, we love to hear the stories about the previous holidays and how he would make everyone shine their beautiful smile, but it doesn't help the fact that it hurts so bad knowing that we can't see him look at you with those big brown eyes that he has with the crooked grin. We can picture it, but it isn't the same.
Man, I love you father.

The girl who lost her dad at 14