An Open Letter to the Girl who Broke my heart

Subject: An Open Letter to the Girl who Broke my heart
From: -Yours forever.
Date: 29 Aug 2016

Dear Love of my Life.

The day I first saw you in conditioning class, I did not know what I was in for. Just over a year later I look back on that day with great joy. I had thought that I had met the person of my dreams. You were beautiful, funny and clever. I instantly formed a crush on you and tried to work up the nerve to talk to you. I wont lie I looked at your twitter page to try and find a way to talk to you The first thing I noticed was that our birthdays were only one day apart. Mine being the day after yours. I was formulating my plan to talk to you. A friend of mine was wondering if she could get a job at the place that you worked. I told my friend that I would ask you for her. So there was my chance. I messaged you on twitter and asked for her. You responded and the best year of my life began at the moment. We began to talk more regularly and we would walk the track in class and just talk about everything. I had already had agreed to take a friend of mine to prom, so unfortunately I was unable to ask you. That whole night I was hoping you would come dance with me. Every time though that a slow song came on you were out the door. Randomly I had gotten a text from you. You were not feeling well and you had thrown up. I immediately abandoned what I was doing to find you. I remember just sitting there with you trying to cheer you up. That night was one of my fondest memories.

Eventually a few days after that when I came over your house for the first time, I had finally gotten the courage to ask you out. Best decision I have ever made. I wont recount everyday of our lives together but I will summarize the next year. I went to college you stayed home for your senior year of High School. We had three more dances together (Homecoming, Winter and Prom). All three nights were amazing. With each dress you wore you were more and more stunning. As the days went buy I fell more and more in love with you and I never knew it. I know we had our problems and Sure we broke up once or twice. But we always came back to each other. That was until August 20th, 2016. That was the day you broke my heart. Sure I didn't know it right away. I was too angry and I thought not being with you was what I wanted. That feeling lasted a week. That morning I woke up and it was the first time I felt upset by this whole thing. I was looking for an excuse to talk to you. I found it on Facebook. I noticed something I thought your brother would love. I sent it to you in hopes of starting a conversation. That was the first time you told me to not talk to you anymore. Well I couldn't take the hint and I took a shot. I texted you an apology and that was the first time you ignored me. I still just couldn't imagine you actually meant what you said. So the next day I took an even bigger shot. I laid my heart on the line. I apologized and told you I messed up. I basically begged to have you back. That was the first day I felt how cold you have become towards me. The only answer I got was "Sucks", "I don't know what to tell you" and the most hurtful three words "It's too late". That was the final straw, I broke right then and there. I began having suicidal thoughts, and wanting to hurt myself. I still do not think you genuinely know how hurt I am. Even being hurt so badly you are the only thing I can think about. I cannot focus in class or rowing. The truth is, I will always love you. No matter how much you hurt me and no matter how much time passes. I will always want you. The ring I gave you as a promise of my love will always be your ring and I will always keep it in the hopes you find your way back to me.

Love always,