An open letter to the girl I used to be...

Subject: An open letter to the girl I used to be...
From: the girl you hoped to be
Date: 9 Feb 2018

To the girl I used to be,
You have made it so far. I'm so proud of the girl you have become. Listen, I know your life was rough and full of anxiety and panic attacks. I know every day was a struggle. You made it through the worst years.

I bet you never imagined that you would not be shy anymore. Well guess what? That has changed. I know you had a few toxic friendships, but that is all behind you. You are better now because you cut those toxic people out of your life.

I really wish you could understand how extremely proud of you. I am proud of all your accomplishments. I am proud of all the friendships you made.

I am so happy you snapped back into reality and decided to live your best life.

But let's be real. Why were you so shy? Why did you keep those toxic friendships? Why did you not try to get help for your anxiety sooner than you did?

Just know, no matter what, I am SO proud of you!