Open Letter to Fashion Designers re: Cropped Jackets

Subject: Open Letter to Fashion Designers re: Cropped Jackets
From: Style Scribbles
Date: 12 May 2015

Dear Fashion Designers of the World,

What have I done to you to deserve the cropped jacket? For sure it's a cute piece, and I've noticed your undying efforts to get it placed in basically every major magazine I read. I can't avoid the cropped jacket. It's everywhere. The next thing I know, it will be turning up in my sleep.

It looks so good on models. "A must-have for fall/winter!" all the magazines cry. Oh, a must have? Well, then, I must have it! Except on me, it looks ridiculous. Mind you, I am not a big person. I think I'm pretty average. Maybe even on the smaller side of average. I'm average height for sure. And when I wear this cropped demon, it makes me look like I've been shopping in the wrong section at Old Navy.

Actually, I take that back. See, the cropped jacket that manages to look so chic on your overpaid models manages to simultaneously look like I'm shopping in children's sizes and like I'm several sizes larger than I actually am through the middle. That is quite a feat, dear fashion designers, although it's not quite the look I was going for.

So while I don't necessarily want to call for a ban on the cropping, how about if we make things a little more tailored? We don't need to have cropped swing jackets, which probably only look cute on pregnant women and tiny child Sumo wrestlers (who would have no need for such things anyway).

Much Love,
Style Scribbles