Open letter to the Democratic National Committee

Subject: Open letter to the Democratic National Committee
From: A twenty–eight year Democrat
Date: 28 Feb 2017

As posted to the DNC's Facebook page:

You are going to have to earn my vote after this year. And before you assume you know my reasons, it’s not because you lost, but why you lost. I’ve voted Democrat by and large except for occasional independent or Green Party votes in local elections. I thought I would feel sad writing this, but instead I only feel anger. Here’s why.

To begin with: Don’t fool yourselves, the person occupying the Oval Office and everything that’s happened since the election is also your fault. Accept that, and you can finish this letter, otherwise save yourselves the time and don’t bother reading the rest.

You forced a candidate on us that was building an enormous swell of ill will, and therefore motivation and drive to vote, in the opposition, combined with a lackluster mood in the Democratic public that left many voters lukewarm at best. You had the chance as a party to show you know how to listen and be the party of the people again and blew it. Secretary Clinton along with her team bear absolutely some responsibility. They made assumptions, took too much for granted, and underestimated her opponent, a rookie mistake. Her team’s response to the election has been terribly disappointing, blaming everyone else for their mistakes. It seems a lot of so-called leaders have forgotten the core axiom that if you’re in charge, everything is your responsibility. Own it. We the lowly proletariat have to, every day.

I won’t bore the readers with a laundry list of offenses, but in summary it’s past time for the Democratic Party to open the gates for some fresh faces, address the grip of business and mega-corporate interests on the political process and break down gerrymandering once and for all. It’s go time, or the party won’t be a serious contender as a representative of progressive politics for a long while. Like it or not, conservatives got energized and got out there. I shouldn’t have to repeat you lost former bastions of Democratic voters but you all seem a little reluctant to do anything substantially different so here’s a reminder.

Your choice for Chairman sends a bad signal you’re not ready for change. The Republican Party is in a tight spot, for sure, divided and with a chaotic leadership, but in that chaos perhaps there’s room for sensible conservatives to have a voice.

I honestly don’t know if there’s a point to my writing. The forces, monetary and other, that actually win elections, are so vast and beyond me I don’t know that there is. However, I once read that for every letter someone writes and actually sends in, hundreds of people feel the same way but remain silent. That’s the math behind polling. So I hope you’ll take this letter as a warning and as representative of a larger population and problem facing the Democratic Party.

If elections actually matter anymore, then please walk among the people who earn less than the top 1% and listen, really listen and stop talking, except to echo back what you hear to make sure you get it right.

Don’t assume I’ll panic either and vote Democrat because the right is scary. That worked out so well this year. You might be able to win my vote back if you can field candidates who listen. I’ll be watching.

Adam C.