a open letter to congressman Democrat Vernon Jones Georgia

Subject: a open letter to congressman Democrat Vernon Jones Georgia
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 12 Aug 2020

Vernon Jones for you to go on national television to support a racist bigot Donald Trump is perhaps the most disgusting thing that I have to watch !Just curious is Trump paying you for your support or perhaps Trump is blackmailing you to support either way you're a weak protheadic man to support or force to support Donald Trump of all people who have racist off the coup remarks towards African Americans . Trump don't respect black people icon like the late congressmen John Lewis didn't pay respect to Lewis at his funeral whining that John Lewis didn't come to his inauguration nor his state of the union addresses as well disrespecting Lewis 's constitutes in Georgia roach disinfectant etc!The thing that pisses me off that punk mutual fuckers giving him credit for black unemployment Trump didn't do sh*t for black unemployment plus black unemployment is higher then Hispanics and whites!if you 're a Trump supporter why are you still a Democrat ? You should representing Trump's supporters people that don't look like me !Trump is using you just like Mark Burns Sheriff David Clark Diamond &Silk Omarosa etc just like other blacks in his campaigns past & present just to get black voteslwant to say Jones to F yourself (POS) of a congressmen you're probably would kiss Trump's wrinkle old fat fart a** or suck his cock just to praise him& his alleged compliments of black economy criminal justice etc!F you Vernon Jones!!Donald Trump isn't a president for all Americans let alone you .Trump isn't a leader under his watch as president over one-hundreds thousands people loss their lives for no reason due to the lack of leadership mishandle annoying the coronavirus that left thousands of African American dead not to mention millions of people African Americans especially out of work & homeless due to Donald Trump 's ignorance &lack of interest in handling the virus F you congressmen Vernon Jones & Fuck your president Donald J. Trump punk mutha Fuckers!