Open letter To A Confused Dj named Dick

Subject: Open letter To A Confused Dj named Dick
From: A Concerned Observer named Eniola
Date: 28 Dec 2016

Really i don't even know how to start this letter because there is a lot to write and its all rushing through my head at thesame time fighting to get out. Okay this letter is for an obviously confused Dj called Dick but before i hit the details,let me introduce you all to this confused fellow who has become a joke. When I met Dick,he was a Dj at a lounge called LA in Ado Ekiti,it didn't take him time before he left LA hanging on Christmas eve of 2015 without notice. He moved to another club called Delight and he always has something to say about why he moved and mind you,he's always the only right person on earth. Nobody actually questioned his action when he left LA because that was the first,at Delight he was treated well,carried along in all plans,given everything he needed that when i heard he left,I was baffled, didn't think it was possible, just like Dj Banj of Prosperous has been loyal to the same club for years,no matter the amount you offer,he would never leave and that has really helped him considering what he's achieved. Its normal to move on to greater things in life but the manner at which you do it matters. Sources disclosed he was earning a certain amount as salary at Delight but he wanted more which the management was not ready to implement at that time,so he decided to reach out to the new Club Hush at Midas for a deal,lied about his salary at Delight just to get Club Hush to raise his salary which was done almost immediately, he moved overnight to Club Hush same way he did LA.

The story gets interesting, Club Hush has been looking to sign a good dj at the time and this made the boss happy,happy about his latest accomplishment not knowing Dj Dick was already lobbying with another club under construction and Club Hush was only a hiding place till the club is ready. After 3 weeks with club Hush,Dj Dick moved his bags from the hotel room given to him by Club Hush without anyone knowing,he moved and kept showing up at Hush making people feel he's still part of the cunning and dangerous.

Dj Dick decided to go play at the new club Splendour on a Saturday even though the boss forbade it,he did it anyways and the boss told him he was done with Hush,not knowing he already even parked his loads before the saturday,people begged the boss to forgive him,little did they know he didn't need the appeal. So now Dj Dick is Club Splendour funny,4 clubs in a year and he always has lies to tell to justify his decision but people close know its all about money for him,no loyalty and that's why he hasn't achieved anything.

Now my open letter,Dickson is your name but I prefer calling you Dick because that suits you better,even though I was shocked when I saw your finger sized dick. There is something they call loyalty,relationship,love,trust and all these should be considered before money. People say you are one of the best Djs in the town and I agree but even in the town,there are still a lot of Djs better than you,you are a dj that can't scratch,some of us know that. You don't go about screwing people over with your fake life. Girls out there, wonder why Dj Dick never made move when you with him???,his d*"k is size of a finger and he obviously don't want anyone to find out. Now What do you expect from a guy with finger d**k?,his brain is obviously as small as his thing. My message to you...get a life hun!


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