open letter to the Community:

Subject: open letter to the Community:
From: ali abdul ghani
Date: 12 Mar 2019

I don't know where you are now.
Maybe close to me.
Or in a distant country or outside the solar system
But I'm sure you can read this letter
Do you remember me
i'm ali, a useless person as you call me
Do you remember when you were telling me "you can't do anything"
Do you remember when you were telling me "you can't Walk in this way".
Do you remember when you were telling me "you cant become a programmer".
Do you remember when you were telling me "you're useless".
Maybe you forgot everything
But I still remember
I still have memories from when I was child: no one wanted to play with me, they would tell me things like "you're blind— we can't play with you. Go and look for [another] blind person to play with you. You're different from me, go away."
You stand in my face.
Whenever you make fun of me
I Become even more powerful
Because I don't want to become like another entry in the life database .
Been a long time for this events,
i grew up, and My dreams grew up with me.
People lived. People died. Programs booted. Programs -9'd. The world spun.
I sat. How could I? How could I? I put 10 and 10 together, and soon I knew my mission: to code, to collaborate, to contribute.

At this time I learned a lot, and made great changes in my life
I Still walking in that way.
I walked a long distance
I fell a lot
but I Stand again.
I Fought a lot To become a programmer
and I will keep standing
I will be rising from the ground
I will be rising to the cloud,
like the plane...
now I'd like to thank you.
Without the wounds you've caused me.
I didn't have that immunity to resist.
Without underestimating my abilities.
I didn't have that kind of strength to stand up and fight
thank you for being the motivation pushing me to success.
thank you for making my journey an adventure.
but let me tell you something.
dont go away more is coming.
I’ll work harder than ever ill learn faster than ever ill prove to all people that my eyes has a disability but my mind have a code to write and my soul has hope to share .