Open Letter to Chi Alpha at Western Washington University

Subject: Open Letter to Chi Alpha at Western Washington University
Date: 27 Oct 2023

I remember getting introduced to someone about Chi Alpha, otherwise known as Campus Christian Fellowship at Western Washington University, a public university in Bellingham, Washington. We just hit it off for a bit and he introduced me to CCF. I was so hyped. I had yet to find a group there that I connected with, and had an organization I felt included in. Oh how naive I was.

First off, I want to share some benefits of CCF. I found some great friends through the organization that while we never got that involved, we still knew people and it was so great at least meeting some people. This however is where the positives end.

My group leader last year was manipulative, controlling, and sometimes even bullied me. He kept convincing me to go to the retreats and other stuff and I believed it was because I blindly thought he was "looking out for me", but really he wanted to get in good terms with the leaders so he can move up. Keep in mind I wanted to drop out of CCF due to some red flags but I gave in like an idiot. He also told me that I was basically a bully when he did the same things and I thought he was my friend but I have lost almost all respect for him.

It's not even just my group leader, the other people there are fake and only have energy for show. It's sickening and i'm warning others to stay clear away because you shouldn't fall for the obvious love-bombing.

So with all this being said, fuck CCF and all the leaders that pushed me to do things that would only help themselves with. The amount of hurt and regret I am in right now because of you guys is immeasurable and you take no shame in ruining other peoples' social lives. I hope the people reading this message know to stay clear away from Chi Alpha as they are nothing more than a cult that doesn't want your friendship but numbers and money, because they can and will fuck you up.


A person that was ruined by Chi Alpha