An open letter to The Boy who destroyed me

Subject: An open letter to The Boy who destroyed me
Date: 4 Feb 2016

This is an open letter to the boy who mentally and emotionally destroyed me. Let me start from the beginning. We met and I instantly felt a connection. You seemed so perfect, so amazing. I thought you could be the one. We talked for hours. I felt so comfortable around you. I opened up to you. I gave you parts of me... I gave you everything. I sat by your side when you needed someone. I sat there texting you and checking on you,  even though you weren't talking to me. I told you I loved you. Then one day you disappeared. The cute messages stopped,  the random I love yous, everything.... I was heartbroken. I felt like my world came crashing down.... After about 2 months I picked myself back up.....  You came back... I immediately started talking to you again...  Giving you everything.... I made real plans with you... I trusted you...  Come to find out you were cheating the whole time...  Everything you said was a lie...  I lost pieces of myself because of you. I lost all faith in love and relationships because of you. I felt like nothing mattered. I layed on my bedroom floor crying, hyperventilating and wondering what I did wrong. I cried for days. I couldn't find a way to pick myself up. I tried everything to get you back, even though you destroyed me emotionally and mentally. I was "in love with you." after months of this, I learned how to pick myself up and I learned to love myself again. I met someone....  They made me believe love was real...  They fixed my broken heart...  The one you broke...  I don't regret meeting you.. You made me stronger. Thank you for that. I'm sorry we didn't work...  I hope your happy. To the guy who mentally and emotionally destroyed me... Goodbye.