Open Letter to the Boy Who Changed the Way I Saw Myself

Subject: Open Letter to the Boy Who Changed the Way I Saw Myself
Date: 2 Oct 2018

I'll never forget the day I opened up to you. It wasn't much, but it was enough to make me want to open up more. We were kids and I think I just liked the idea of having a companion.

I didn't care about your flaws. I didn't care that you weren't always listening. I didn't care that your methods began to look a lot like peer pressure. I didn't care that you began to make excuses. I cared when you walked away.

You see, I had put everything I had into what we had because you didn't put in anything. I was devastated. Then, I was okay, and you decided to come back.

I loved you again, with hesitation at first. I thought I had nothing left to give, but you proved me wrong. I gave you my heart. I gave you my body. I gave you my mind and my soul and my confidence until I was nothing but a shell of the girl you met all those years ago.

I don't think I can forgive you for taking advantage of all that I gave you, but i can forgive you for leaving me behind to wait for someone that'll give like I gave to you.