Open Letter to the Boy Who Broke My Heart

Subject: Open Letter to the Boy Who Broke My Heart
From: Stephanie Day
Date: 11 Jan 2016

Dear You,
I always thought you were perfect. beautiful. Your love was toxic, and I took it in as a drug. I was addicted. To you. Or who I thought you were. Who I fell in love with wasn't you. It was the illusion you created for me. I opened up to you in ways no one has and will never see. You were my best friend. I knew when you were going to blink, when your next deep breath was gonna be. Boy, I was so in love with you. And unfortunately, many months later, I still am. I thought when we broke up, something was wrong. You just weren't being you. You were going through a teen mid-life crisis. But you weren't, because days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months, and eventually months will turn into years. You were my inspiration, you looked at life like it was a roller coaster, and you were only going up. You made me love life, when all I used to do was hate it. You made me love myself again. And I appreciate you for that. Thank you, for teaching me how to do so much stuff. Thank you, for helping me. You were truly the best part of 2015 by far. I made a resolution to get over you in 2016, but honestly, I don't know how well that is going to go. When we broke up, I thought it was the end of the world. It was like losing your favorite shirt, or favorite stuffed animal. Something was always missing. You keep looking for something that isn't going to be found. You took my heart and ran like the wind. And, I tried to chase you, but I can't keep up. I love you like the first day I knew I did. I'll never forget that day. You were laying on my lap, and I took a picture. I still have the picture. I looked at you as any girl would look at her boyfriend. What you did to me was idiotic. You turned out to be a liar, manipulator, and so much more. But, I forgive you. Because, I loved you with everything inside of me. I meant every single thing I ever said to you. You've shaped a part of me that no one will understand, except for you. I hope one day we can be friends and live out the plans we always talked about.