An Open Letter to All Thelemites Regarding Bigotry

Subject: An Open Letter to All Thelemites Regarding Bigotry
From: IAO131
Date: 18 Aug 2017
An Open Letter to All Thelemites Regarding Bigotry

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

I unequivocally denounce all Thelemites who are defending the Charlottesville neo-Nazi and white nationalist rally.

Some have echoed the egregiously vile words of President Trump who has recently defended neo-Nazis in public. This is terrifying and enraging to any Thelemite who values their Holy Book which says "Every man and every woman is a star." We value the dignity and respect of individuals, and we fight against those who devalue it such as neo-Nazis who chant things like "Jews will not replace us" and seek to displace and eliminate entire races.

Free speech means that these bigots have the right to speak as they will, including immature and vile forms of hatred. They are free to act like edgelords if they so please -- sometimes it is unclear if someone is bigoted, and so their free speech helps us shed any doubt. That being said, it is also within our rights to absolutely denounce them, to marginalize them, to not promote their works and public personas, and to generally show that their hateful ideology is not welcome.

If you see or hear any Thelemites supporting these vile forms of bigotry, denounce them. If you any Thelemites fighting against this oppressive hatred, amplify their voices and show your support. This is the New Aeon -- we do not wait for Gods or Kings to swoop down and save us. We must each act in our own individual spheres to bring about the change we Will.

Stand together. Know that those who understand Thelema's law is Love and not hate vastly outnumber those who have become so twisted they support the very doctrines that undermine our Law of Liberty.

Live your lives as free & dignified individuals, and treat those wish to live their lives with dignity as well. But: Those who wish to oppress you, drive you out of your homes, and even kill you -- they should be met with unremitting resistance in all forms. Do not attack their free speech -- you will only be shooting yourself in the foot. Refuse to promote their works. Refuse to promote them into positions of authority, power, and publicity. Speak out against their intolerance. Denounce their immature ideology. Create true and beautiful things to drown out the pathetic hatred of those who want to return this world to the Old Aeon.

Please sign this open letter if you agree and wish to further spread this message.

Love is the law, love under will.