An open letter to all

Subject: An open letter to all
Date: 23 Oct 2017

Please help me out. I'm really struggling lately. I'm angry and frustrated. WHY is this man our president? What is happening in our country? Then it hits me, I have family and friends that voted for him. They were your "just not Hillary-ers" and now I'm in a weird spot. I speak out quietly, but the rift has gotten so large between the two parties I'm honestly scared to create further divide in personal relationships. I don't want to ruin the relationship, and the thing is they really are decent* people. Maybe a little ignorant of their white privilege, but they aren't racist. BUT they put this man in office! Some of my daughter's aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and friends. But maybe I shouldn’t care about that relationship, because how can I associate with anyone who thinks that way?! Is that the future of our country? I certainly hope not. I’m sure some people will think this makes me weak, but at some point we have to find a way to all come together, and if we can’t even do that in our own homes how will we ever do that on a larger scale?

Where I’m struggling the most is how to handle it. I just want to say to them “what were you thinking?” Let's be honest, that’s not going to get anywhere. Are they doubting their choice? Regretting their decision? They certainly aren’t going to tell me that feeling if it is the case. I have so much anger towards them, but they are still my family and like I said not terrible* people. In fact they do great things for others all the time! Some of them even speak out for social justice. So, how do you combat ignorance? Especially for people who don’t think they are ignorant.

Family member “A” has recently told family member “B” that because “B” has subsidies for ACA insurance this caused “A’s” insurance premiums to go up. THIS is the type of world we’re living in people. Family is irritated at their own family member that could otherwise not afford health insurance, because premiums went up. (This family member makes over $100k a year and has not had to worry about being covered for health insurance ever [PRIVILEGED]).

What I want is someone who did vote for Trump to talk to me. Tell me how they’re feeling now, what they’re really happy about (EXCEPT THAT HILLARY IS NOT PRESIDENT, THAT IS NOT AN ANSWER). I NEED to understand how people I love that are good* people can be OK with what is happening all around us. Maybe if I can find some understanding to what they’re thinking without a combative argument that’s left v. right I can find a way to talk to them and we can find a way to heal. And just MAYBE if we can find a way to heal, we can start to find ways for this country to heal. I have to hope and believe deep down in my heart that the people that voted for this man are doubting their decision, but they are embarrassed and don’t know how to move forward without feeling defensive. Top down “healing” isn’t going to happen for a long time, so we need to start finding ways to understand each other, otherwise who cares about North Korea, we’re going to destroy ourselves.

*I understand that some people may consider that anyone who falls under the category “Trump Voter” should be deemed “not decent” and “terrible.” I do love these people, so I don’t consider them terrible based on their own ignorance.