The one who wasted my time

Subject: The one who wasted my time
From: Anonymous
Date: 27 Jun 2017

It was fun at first, we were friends. Then feelings started to grow. Neither of us really wanted a relationship but after a while it started to become one. We both had issues from past relationships that left us scared and broken. I pushed those issues aside to pursue a future with you because you arent the one who hurt me. You never put aside your issues from the one who hurt you. Instead you pushed then on me. And time and time again i tried to make you realize im not that guy. I dont want to hurt you. I did everything i could think of to make you happy. I told you i was hurt before so i understand your pain. I gave you honesty and got deceived. I gave you a piece of me i didnt want to give out again. And you kept to yourself. When your ex popped up it was over for us. You wasted precious time and made me start to care again. Now im left more broken then ever. So thank you for wasting my time.


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