To The One Person I Never Thought Would Abandon Me, Thank you.

Subject: To The One Person I Never Thought Would Abandon Me, Thank you.
From: A Heart-Break Survivor
Date: 12 May 2017

Thank you for making me feel worthless.
Thank you for never giving me a reason that you left.
Thank you for ignoring me when I wanted answers.
Thank you for leaving and never saying goodbye.

I deserved your abandoning me.
I deserved to stay up crying every night for months.
I deserved to question my self worth
...because I finally found myself.

Because of you, I realized my own self worth.
I realized I deserve more than you could give me.
I realized I can be independent.
I realized I can make my own happiness.
I realized I can make memories without you by my side.
I realized that life goes on.

I realized that I'm OK.

As a typically private person, I never thought I would share my thoughts on this past year publicly.
What I thought was the worst year of my life, 2016 turned out to be the best year of my life because of the major life changes that look place.
Due to these changes, I grew more independent, made new friends, bought the plane tickets, made changes to my body, changed my hair, so on and so on!

Anyone out there who has ever been left behind, abandoned, questioned their self worth, stayed up all night crying, know that you deserve more. You are worth more than the ones who promised they wouldn't leave then left. Worth more than the people who say they love you then ignored you. You are worth more than the ones who have you at the bottom of their priorities list. You deserve the love that you give. In the end we only have our own selves, and the most important thing I learned this past year is that we ALL change, and that is A-OK!