To The One I'm Interested In

Subject: To The One I'm Interested In
Date: 9 Dec 2015

To the one that I am interested in.

If there is anything that I want you to's that I believe you're different. But when I say different, I mean that in the best way possible. You came into my life a few short months ago, and boy, has the time flown by or what?
You know the saying used by girls when they've either had their heart broken or have been let down? "All guys are the same?"
Throughout the last few months you have shown me that that saying is anything but true. There are guys out there that are just plain manipulating and there are also guys out there that are respectful. You are so much more than any guy I've ever talked to, and maybe that's one of many reasons as to why I am so interested in you.
There is so much about you that I am attracted to. You may not see those things but I do and those characteristics are so obvious to me. You have a personality that is out of this world. You make me smile and/or laugh like no other has. At times I find myself wondering just how you do it. I love how mature and responsible you are. You are hard working with a good head on your shoulders. You are also so accepting of me and I appreciate that. Most would just turn their backs on me but you've done the opposite. Your personality sticks out to me more than anything else, but there is no doubt in my mind that you are the most attractive man that I know. You argue with me each time I voice my opinion about your looks but it doesn't matter if you argue with me about it a thousand times, I will fight back just as many times in return.
You have treated me so well and I am thankful for that. But even if I haven't done anything wrong, I feel as though I have so much to be sorry for.
For example, I am sorry that I come off as clingy. I'm not. In all honestly, I feel as though I don't deserve a man like you so I try to hold you closer than most. You are a busy man and I am so understanding of that. I am not a priority of yours and that's okay.
I'm sorry that I can be extremely annoying at times. I think you and me can get one thing straight for sure and it is that I enjoy talking to you. Sometimes I get overly excited when I do. I ramble on at times and I'm sure my age shows most of the time when I talk, but it is just a part of my personality. I try way too hard to make people laugh and damn, does my immaturity level show.
But all in all, thank you for being you and showing me that there really is better out there. You are absolutely wonderful and I can only hope that I get to experience more with you.