The older gentlemen threatened former president Trump

Subject: The older gentlemen threatened former president Trump
From: Eldorado
Date: 13 Jan 2022

I just want to secret services as well law enforcement across the country give the guy a break just look away he probably very harmless he wasn't perhaps going to carry out the threat against Donald Trump . I can't speak for him but, I can say he a passionate person about politics just want things as fair as possible . He along with many voters that voted for the 2020 presidential just want the better candidate that won the presidential election(Biden) gets a fair shot as elected president a chance to rum the country
Donald Trump for months wasn't going to accept the results if he loss therefore perhaps leave The Whitehouse . And perhaps the gentlemen was right with sixty court cases trying to overturn the election riot happen on January 6, 2021 due on behave speech by Donald Trump excuses after excuses of voter fraud votes changing for biden against Trump nothing found of wrong doing from the courts and now just recently Trump allies try to forge fake electoral certificates to the government in five states including Georgia. So it seems clearly that Trump was trying to do whatever it takes to stay in the whitehoue knowing he loss fair &square of the presidential election 2020 Trump was determined to stay in whitehouse not accepting the results of the voters that voted for biden over Trump. All I 'm saying go easy on the guy just being American voter just passionate of his politicians and politics
Let be clear over the four years in the whitehouse Donald Trump show no compassionate or remorse for the american people with constant insults of people minorities disabled even politicians especially the media attacks after attacks of media journalists election workers etc!