My thank you letter to the other woman

Subject: My thank you letter to the other woman
Date: 4 Jan 2018

Dear @lionessmane1***

I don’t even know your name, not that I wish to know. You came in at a low point of our relationship. I know you tried to play a twenty something mind game with me so I would break up with my partner.

I want to thank you. What you did was a kick in the ass and I realized how distant I’ve become from my partner. We’re being proactive as a couple now and getting the help we need and want. I couldn’t ask for a better situation.

I know he has not spoken to you since the day I found out about you two. He has blocked you from every social media outlet and the phone. Well, let me give you a lesson in love. Never get involved with someone who isn’t free. The chance of the cheater leaving the other woman are slim to none.

And A just told me that me that he waited 8 years for me to return to him. Well I just did.

So thank you