My love R.S.E

Subject: My love R.S.E
From: Me
Date: 10 Aug 2016

I don't know how or when did it started . Some people got confused, became supportive but most of them, unfavorable.

We started as friends. Normal conversations everyday, laughs and jokes, bondings. But I'm started to feel changes. I've got more question to myself. I've got jealous, affected and even smiling everytime i saw you. But all question left unanswered. All i know is that I'm beginning to have feelings for you. Not as friend, but more than that. I'm a little bit confused because this is my first involvement on same sexuallty. Yes I'm a girl. I had boyfriends in the past and I've experinced sex.

At first I want to tell you what inside me. I want to say I like you. But I don't want to ruin our friendship so I've decided to keep it to myself. But one night, there's a big changed. You said you have a girlfriend. It hurts, and my tears started to fall. Why do i have to cry, for what. All i know is just, I'm hurting. And I've realized it's not the likings anymore. It's love.

But apart from that, you said that you two just broke up because you started to fall for someone. I want to assume that it is me. And yes, it is. I'm so happy that we share the same feeling. We became a couple (secret) ,exchanged "i love you". And I'm hoping that there's is no end.

But everything seems falling apart. You're ex girlfriend don't want you let go, she wants to fight for the both of you.
You don't want to choose so we broke up. You decided to be alone. I want you to choose me,but i don't want you to put in so much pain or in the situation that uncontrollable. All I have to do is to wait,til when? I don't know. My mind says to stop but my heart can't. I love you and I want to fight for you even if the world says NO.