My Life with Hyperhidrosis

Subject: My Life with Hyperhidrosis
From: Danika
Date: 23 Sep 2019

My hand, feet and scalp sweat a lot, AS IN A LOT. I'm typing this letter with my hand covered in sweat. I'm wearing a refreshing clothes, lying in my bed at my well ventilated room. Why the heck am I sweating?
I sweat a lot and it's more than you know. Sometimes, eventhough it's cold I sweat. When I'm writing in a paper, it have becomes wet. I remembered when I have to sign my name in every event I attended there were times that my hands are very sweaty and it became a lot worse because I was nervous that people on the desk might see my hands and become disgusted as I make the paper damp with my sweat in my hands. I don't even apply lotion anymore because it triggers my sweatness. But whenever I feel so really really dry I apply a teeny tiny amount and apply it and pray to God that I won't sweat on the way to school.

I'm so frustrated by my condition but I don't want to tell my parents about my situation. They know that I suffer from excessive sweating but I just don't want them to feel bad that I have this and blame themselves and try to fix this. They would be forced to spend lots and lots of money and I don't want them too. They barely have the money to pay up for our school, bills, our allowance etc. And I don't want them to spend money on this weird annoying condition of mine. Iwjxjsuskdbsisk. I just want to be comfortable when I'm around my friends, classmates and other people. I'm embarrassed whenever I'm borrowing the camera of my classmate because I don't have one and we have to take a picture ( I'm studying Multimedia of Multimedia Arts btw) and whenever I return it, she asks me why its wet and I just tell her that I'm sweating and I can see her disgust and jokingly says yuck and she said that she's just kidding. I'm so embarrassed that I'm not in the mood to take a picture anymore, I just lazily take random pictures for my assignment. I feel so dismayed, and I'm about to cry that time. And I think I'm very weak because I cry and complain about my situation when there's children who can't eat, doesn't have a home, doesn't have hands or feet. I believe that I have no rights to feel this way. I don't want to make a big deal out of this so I don't tell other people about how difficult it is and how greatly it affected my life. And maybe if I did, they won't take me seriously and just be disgusted. There were many opportunities that I didn't take because of my condition.

I guess I just have to let this out my chest because it really frustrates me and I don't anyone here who would listen without being judgmental and grossed out. And if you finished reading this, thank you for reading my story.