To My Husband's Ex Lover

Subject: To My Husband's Ex Lover
Date: 28 Nov 2017

To my husband's past girlfriend, his High school Sweetheart. I just want to tell you one word and that is ENOUGH.

Enough of You being in our lives, enough of your fond or any memories of you and My Husband. for the past 2 years of our Relationship, You are just there waiting for something bad to happen. You think I' m stupid enough not to know what You are up to from 2012 to 2014? You are still keeping in touch with my husband, such as sending personal message in social media sites, sending holiday greetings, messages saying you wish us Good luck and You wanted my husband to keep in touch with you by being friends???. REALLY??? Ex Lovers to be friends? Are You Literally OUT OF YOUR MIND???.

At first I felt sorry for you. But for Your information My dear We all made our choices. So don't act like You don't have a choice that Time. Move On..... We are already in our new Chapter in Life and We don't like You to be a part of It. Go on with your life and stop flirting with my Husband using your High school group chat. You are so Pathetic, I saw it on the chat how you want others to mock you because of your past relationship with my husband... stop that high school past partners drama just to get my husband's attention. I feel sorry for your Fiance. Does he know you behave like that in group chats? reminiscing past events in order to get noticed by my husband. Using classmates who always reminiscing the past. For How many Years You've been ignored both in Long distance Calls and personal messages on social media You still have the Courage to act Like that. Enough of Your most behave and Perfect attitude in my husband's eyes.

Please ENOUGH of You and ENOUGH to thought of You in our Lives.