To my guy best friend who has my heart

Subject: To my guy best friend who has my heart
Date: 22 Jan 2016

Hey. Thanks for being my shoulder to cry on when I didn't get the part I auditioned for. Thanks for always helping me with my anxiety and depression, and I hope I've helped you with your depression as well. Thank you for allowing me to be your "girlfriend" and all those little dates. But, there's something you should know... Since I met you, I've been in love with you. You're my first love, and I'm glad it's you. You were in a relationship when we met, and I helped you break up with them when you'd had enough. I've been there for you all those times you fell in love to try and pick up the pieces... I remember how we would just say we'll marry each other. And that we're soul mates... But now. You say you're in love again. I try to get along with them. I listen to you talk about them, and don't let you see my heart break. I've gotten good at crying when I'm alone, you know.

I just hope that if you ever find out I love you, you remember I've put my feelings aside to put your happiness first. I love you... And I'm glad you're my first love, my soul mate, and my best friend. I'm just sorry that it can't be, because it's hurting me more than you'll ever know.