To my ex-something

Subject: To my ex-something
From: A
Date: 15 Nov 2020

We were friends, at least I thought so. Actually, I still don't know what we were. I can't be sure of anything, anymore. It's gotten to the point where I have started doubting my memories, were they real? Did I create them because I liked having you in my life? All this is because of how much you have changed. But I kept on chasing you. You don’t answer and I text you again, making excuses that maybe you're just too busy with work or studying. Maybe you dropped your phone and a car happened to drive over it, yes, I have quite the imagination. But the truth, no matter how much I don't want to accept it, is that you're not the same person. You’re not the same guy who had my back. You’re not the guy who used to hold my hand when I was cold. You’re not the guy that used to always take my side. I don't know what changed and quite frankly I don't want to know anymore. I don't have it in me to care. I'm exhausted. I want to say goodbye because you keep on hurting me without even realizing it. Even though I want to wish you happiness and the best in everything, I can’t, not yet. I deleted your contact and all our messages. I'm going to let you go for good and you won't realize it now but once you do, I won’t turn back. You’ll just be another person that I used to know.