To My Ex Husbands Thrid Wife

Subject: To My Ex Husbands Thrid Wife
From: The First Wife
Date: 14 Dec 2017

I guess now is the time for me to let it out because Lord knows you haven't been listening to me in years and it is about time you did!

I don't really know why you married Tom when you know what he did to me and Dawn or wait did you know at all what he did to both of us? All you ever have known about who I am is what he tells you! I bet he was never honest with you about me and I know he wasn't about her either! But i will stick to what he did to me so it goes!

He told you our marriage went south because of me and that is lie number one! He was abusive and he beat me down so badly and yet I stayed anyway! You know why I loved him it is that simple! The marriage wore me down so badly that i ended up suicidal 2 months after our son was born! He drove me to going into the hospital and no sooner did I do that he kicked me out of the house no place to go and it was back into the hospital for me! So no i was not the cause of the demise of our marriage your precious husband was!
So when you get the same treatment he gave me dont come to me crying I wont be there! If you chose to stay with him so be it! I just hope he wont hurt you too badly!

From a woman who knows!