My ex of 8 years just got engaged to the woman he cheated on me with and the woman who cheated on her husband with him

Subject: My ex of 8 years just got engaged to the woman he cheated on me with and the woman who cheated on her husband with him
From: The mother of his youngest son
Date: 6 Jun 2017

It's 5:41 p.m. on a cloudy, but hot soon to be summers eve and as I sit out back sipping my sweet red blend wine after a long day of work alot of emotions consume me. June 6th 2017 to be exact. So I just recently found out that my ex (also my 6 year old sons father) recently got engaged! Not just got engaged, but engaged to the woman he cheated on me with! The same woman who was a married woman and cheating on her husband with my son's father! The way I found put was probably the worst way anyone could find out!! Third party (mutual friend) good ole facebook or aka fakebook as I like to call it! I felt set up and ambushed! This so called friend of mine had been a "friend" for several years. She actually met me and my ex at the same time. At the time she was dating his friend (that lasted just the summer of '09) but even after their summer romance fizzled out we remained close. Fast forward years later she gets married and we even hung out as couples with each other. Even went to the mountains in 2016 (Valentines day weekend couples retreat)! That was a disaster, but that's a story for a later Anyway I hadn't seen this "friend" in months or even spoke to her due to life responsibilities (work, kids, bills..etc) So one day out of the blue after I hadn't heard from her in well over a month I get a text!! "Hey girl" "How you doing?" "WHATS New?" "We really need to get together soon for a girls night or sip n dip"! Okay to clarify she has a really big nice house with an inground pool n jaccuzzi! So I'm like okay cool nothing new just work, taking care of kids, graduations coming up etc. etc.. I can come over Friday night after work. Ok bet! I get over to her house and having a great time sipping, enjoying her pool, jaccuzzi and the nice warm weather!! Only to five hours later AFTER drinking get hit with the bombshell "So how do you feel about Carl getting married"... I literally spit out my drink and said "Wtf did you just say" she sits up and chuckles mind you "OMG I did'nt know you didn't know he was engaged it was on my timeline"!!! Now mind you my ex and I were just recently together as of March this past year 2017!! Trying to work things out! Together Valentines day weekend!! She knew I ended things once I found out he had been in her house doing her a "favor" painting a room!! That is a no no he cheated on me with her! We had already been through several issues as a result of this same girl several times over!! I tried to be forgiving of him, but in no way was I ever going to be cool with him still being "just friends" with her!! The facts are he hid his relationship with her for a solid year from me!! When I initially found out he made a choice it was me, but he went back n forth on it!! That was my fault I should have immediately left n never looked back after the first betrayal!! Yet love is truly blind!! You can't help who you love!! The good times you shared with this person and the memories tend to overshadow what is actual factual!! This person betrayed me, lied to me, manipulated me, deceived me and damn near destroyed me!! I was always faithful, loyal and true!! I never received that in return!! We were engaged! He was introducing me as his future wife!! We have a child together!! We were buying a house together!! We were planning a wedding at the beach together!! We were planning a life and a future together!!! To fast forward less than 3 months later the same woman he cheated on me with and he went back to Shanel he is engaged to??? I am past hurt and consumed with emotions, but my reality is he was NEVER meant for me!! If he was his cheating and lying ass ways would never have existed!! Yet whom I truly feel sorry for is boo boo the fool!! She accepted a marriage proposal and a cracker jack box ring from a known repeat and serial liar and cheater after only three months of him trying to get back with his son's mother! This is my open letter to my cheating forever EX Carl and the dummy Shanel who just accepted his crusty ass hand in marriage!! Congratulations and Good Luck!! You both are going to need it!! Two cheaters get engaged isn't that cute!!!