My Dear You

Subject: My Dear You
From: unknown *DAT
Date: 14 Aug 2017
My Dear you

Its 8:09 am, Monday morning. I can hear the the music played by my friend upstairs I guess its "Love will keep us alive" and also I can hear the water from the faucet that were leaked a sound like a beat of a heart. I am sitting here in the dinning table, alone. Thinking whats going to happen today but, I realize what am I doing in this site. what is my purpose why I subscribe in this site.
It's funny cause one thing thing that pops up on my mind is your face. So, this letter is basically for you "my dear you". You know, I am secretly in love with you, when I woke up this morning I saw you lying on your bed with your phone and you look so happy with what you are watching. From that moment, I want to hug you or cuddle you and a part of me wanted you to say "Hi!" or "Good morning" to me but, I am wrong wrong nothing had happen. It's just an empty room. A part of me was broken again cause I know here I am again expecting for something to happen between the two of us, something that called "Love".